Integrated eco-effective design approach to encourage restorative and regenerative effects.
Site Planning
  • Design responsive to natural hydrology, soils, landform, vegetation, and climate.
  • Site regraded to restore contouring more consistent with historic landforms.
  • Catchment of rainwater and run-off for reuse.
  • Preservation and enhancement of wildlife habitat and corridors.
  • Preservation of native trees and vegetation.
  • Balanced cut and fill, no off-haul.
  • Removal of non-native vegetation.
  • Reuse of harvested wood and chippings.
  • Relocation of existing native trees in lieu of removal.
  • Use of reclaimed/salvaged boulders in lieu of engineered retaining walls.
  • Use of reclaimed/salvaged paving stone for outdoor use areas.
  • Maximized porous paved surfaces and installation methods.
  • Use of native bunch grass species in lieu of conventional turf.
The Project