Our overarching goal was to create the best in class:
high design aesthetic AND regenerative.

Big picture goals

  • Address all principal areas of green building:
    • Energy
    • Materials
    • Water
    • Habitat
  • Help create market for green goods. Owners of homes in this category MUST be the leaders to help create a market for green goods and green jobs:
    • We have 7 start ups represented in the project: CalStar Products (building materials), Control 4 (home automation and energy management), Serious Materials (building materials), Silver Spring Networks (energy), Sun Run (solar), Tigo (solar), Xicato (lighting).
    • In addition our project is supporting many vendors of FSC certified materials, still a nascent industry and many green products of established companies which we hope will encourage them to go green faster (please see roster for latest list of service providers and materials suppliers).
    • We have also supported the marketing and R&D for the next generation of sustainable products from other companies such as Delta Blue Grass’ native sod lawn options coming on the market now; bamboo wine racks from Eco-WineRacks among many, many others.
  • Green the construction process. Our project has been the proving ground for many innovations in the construction process itself. The team of contractors, subcontractors, designers and service providers are all completely committed to the cause of regenerative homes. Many had never built a “green” house before but they are all now among the most knowledgeable practitioners in their respective fields.
  • Create a demonstration project: make learning, research, and process available to public via website and other media, give the information away. Host events and provide a site for courses and field trips to further learning on an ongoing basis.
  • Bring sustainable/regenerative building to the mainstream, leverage our experience to drive policy changes.
  • Role model and document integrated design process.
  • Earn certifications for credibility and to raise awareness of available guidelines:
    • LEED Platinum … goal to go beyond LEED Platinum
    • Living Building Challenge
    • GreenPoint Rated (Build it Green)
    • EPA Energy Star Homes and Indoor AirPlus
    • Sustainable Sites Initiative (Tah.Mah.Lah. is a pilot project)
    • National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat
  • Debunk the three big myths of green building:
    • Can’t be beautiful
    • Twice as expensive
    • Requires one to drastically alter one’s lifestyle
  • Inspire and empower others to build green.
The Project