All material choices exemplify the sustainable initiative, modern barn aesthetic, and connection with nature. Finishes and furnishings were selected and designed with environmental sensitivity as a priority while achieving a beautiful, comfortable, and functional living space.



  • FSC western red cedar for interior walls, ceiling and purlins.
  • FSC white oak for doors and cabinetry.
  • FSC douglas fir for trusses and beams.
  • FSC eucalyptus for window frames.
  • FSC bamboo for wine cellar racks.
  • Solid oak salvaged from 150-year-old barns for floors. Read More >

Stone & earthen materials

  • No newly quarried stone, except kitchen counter tops.
  • Reclaimed or salvaged limestone fireplaces and paving.
  • Durable, resource-efficient concrete mixes.
  • Locally made and naturally pigmented Heath tile for showers (no colors that require lead or copper to create were used).
  • Natural lime plaster at children’s bedroom walls and bathrooms to demonstrate sustainable methods of achieving color. Read More >


  • Optimized for thermal performance, daylighting, clarity, protection of furnishings.
  • Super-efficient Serious Windows (formerly Alpen) R-20 center of glass.
  • Overall performance of units from R-7.8 (U-.13) to R-14.1 (U-.07). Read More >


  • Door and cabinet hardware manufactured from 100% recycled scrap bronze.
  • Loft railing hand forged by a local craftsman using recycled wrought iron.
  • Recycled metal used throughout the project for furniture, fixtures and kitchen hood.
    Read More >


We designed waste out of the project at every phase of design and construction, as well as out of our lifestyles, as much as possible. We reused or recycled 97% of the materials in the pre-existing structures and 99% of the new construction materials. Our food waste is "recycled" by our chickens. Packaging materials and other household byproducts go to our municipal curbside recycling program. We have no "wastewater;" our treated black and gray water irrigates the landscape and recharges the water table.

The Project