Site Planning
  • Topsoil stockpiled for reuse after construction.
  • Drought-resistant plant selections.
  • Use of local plant species with high habitat value.
  • Use of native bunch grass species in lieu of conventional turf.
    • Contracted with Delta Blue Grass to fund experimentation for a native grass sod which will use 50% to 70% less water, requires less mowing and requires no chemicals. Test plots co-sponsored by the Town of Portola Valley, California Department of Water and Holland/Yates family showed summer month water savings of 88% and zero chemicals.
  • Working with Shelterbelt Restoration to try and remove all non-native grasses and plant all native grasses in back meadow.
  • Fire-safe landscaping techniques implemented.
  • Plants grouped by hydrozone and habitat values.
  • Mulch specified over all planting areas but grasslands.
  • Landscape friendly to deer, other wildlife, except for edible garden area.
The Project