Tah.Mah.Lah. is an all-electric, fossil-fuel-free, oil independent, zero-carbon-emission home, and believed to be the first in the world to include enough solar power to be net zero energy/carbon emissions including all transportation.
  • Photovoltaic (PV) system provided by SunRun Solar which has shifted the model from buying solar panels to buying solar as a service reducing up front costs for this huge system by 90%. SunRun, owns, maintains, insures, and monitors the system to ensure peak performance. Installed a low-profile system flush against the standing seam metal roof to enhance aesthetics.
  • 27 KW system sized for more than 100% of estimated energy use. Uses 118 solar panels made by Sunpower, one of the most efficient panels on the market.
  • Tigo Energy Maximizer increases panel efficiency even further and provides option for one—stop, remote shut-off for fire department in case of fire. The Tigo system enables monitoring the level of performance of each individual panel.
  • Includes all home loads plus vehicles (~50% of total energy usage is vehicles; used best KW/per mile estimates available from leading electric car manufacturers based on their prototypes).
  • Electric car charging stations in garage and parking areas:
    • Connections provided for current and future electrical vehicles.
    • Expansion capability provided (if required for higher output vehicles in the future)
  • Energy monitoring and management:
    • Ability to monitor every circuit individually will install Eaton Smart Energy Monitoring (ESEM) system when shipped.
    • Whole-house monitoring and segregation of loads allows for comparison of actual energy use vs. predicted energy use and easy identification of energy hogs.
    • Energy model was created to accurately assess house electrical load as well as determine the most efficient building systems and products to use.

Electrical details

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  • Enabled multiple strategies to automatically eliminate/mitigate parasitic/phantom power loads:
    • Time clocks to turn on and off loads at predetermined times
    • Controllable receptacles which can be turned off or on remotely or on a schedule
    • Plug strips with occupancy sensors to turn off unneeded loads at desks when no one is present
    • Plug strips with controlled and monitored outlets to turn off loads when another load is turned off (e.g. turn off monitor and printer when the PC is shut down).
    • Centralization of “wall warts” to only charge items like cell phones in a certain area, making the loads easier to control.
  • Wired to enable future flexibility and off-grid capability.
  • Use of conduit for all wiring provides for “future proofing” – easy expansion or modification as new technologies are introduced and zero demolition required to do upgrades or retrofits
  • No PVC conduit or wire insulation:
    • Use of HDPE conduit in underground exterior locations in lieu of PVC
    • Use of XHHW wire in lieu of PVC coated THHN/THWN
  • High efficiency, all electric, induction stove electromagnetic technology to directly heat pots without heating the air. All other appliances electric. Supports fossil free goal of the house as no natural gas even piped on site.
  • Fully self-contained design with onsite energy and water resources can function as a community refuge in the event of a major earthquake.
  • Internet enabled monitoring system allows the worldwide public to see how the building is performing on a real time basis. This will encourage others to adopt similar technology and attempt to design similar buildings.
The Project