Home energy dashboard utilizing Control4 multiple-room touch-panel control system operated via Apple iPads.

Performance monitoring

  • Electric consumption down to the individual circuit and appliance, giving very detailed feedback on how much each load truly uses and where the parasitic loads and inefficiencies lie.
  • Domestic water usage.
  • Captured rainwater from the roofs and its reuse, accurately quantifying reduced demand for municipal water.
  • Solar energy system to track performance and system efficiency.
  • Ground water heat source, to measure efficacy and associated savings.
  • On-site weather information to allow historical comparisons, provide reference data for solar output, track heating/cooling efficiencies, and correlate with animal/plant life monitoring results.
  • Ultimately the web-based display will provide:
    • A fun, intuitive, simple, and actionable way to interact with the home’s systems.
    • Instant insight into actual consumption and performance in different time periods, using easy-to-understand units of measure.
    • Real-time and historical data to encourage conservation through modified behaviors.
  • Displays targeted to both kids and adults.
  • Owner access from anywhere in the world.
  • An educational tool on consumption and environmental impact, as well as a road map for others to follow.
  • Automatic and very accurate carbon footprinting of all monitored aspects of performance.
  • Automatic notification of leaks, excessive energy use or carbon emissions.


  • Heating/cooling
  • Lighting
  • Audio
    • Whole-house distribution of audio content.
    • AV surround sound systems in library and guest room.
  • Security cameras
The Project