We believe life is about collecting a portfolio of stories and experiences.

We think of this process as not just about building a home, designing a living space or developing a landscape, but of writing a story and crafting an experience. The property is very special, as Linda’s parents bought it in 1967 and the family has lived there ever since. We feel a great responsibility to sustain the legacy and steward the land in a way that will honor the history of Tah.Mah.Lah. in a meaningful way.

Of our six guiding themes, the one that has the potential to have the widest impact is Environmentally Regenerative, and our hope to build the greenest home in its class. To be clear, the greenest dwelling place would be a tent or a yurt, but we feel it is equally important that we continue to have the gathering space to support causes and people who are making a difference in the world. Although the house as a demonstration project is important in and of itself, it is what we do with it over the long term that will determine its true value.

The Story